Monday, 17 January 2011

Rosie Gears, the Steampunk Pony

Rosie was made for the 2010 MLP Fair and was the most extensive sculpting project I've taken on to date.

The majority of her clothing (skirts, corset, blouse, hat, watches) and her hair were all done in Apoxie Clay.  It took roughly seven sittings to finish all the sculpting.  In addition, she has a ribbon and pendant choker, a metal key and chain, lace gloves, and a feather and ribbon on her hat.

All the painting was done with Reapers Master Series model acrylics.  Her corset has metalic gears painted on it.  Her skirts are pinned up with roses.  Her hair is up in a bun with a few locks loose hanging down.  She wears a watch on a chain and another on her hatbrim.

I'm really quite pleased with how she turned out.  As usual, she didn't turn out exactly as planned, but she's actually probably the closest I've come to turning a sketch into accurately into the three-dimensional custom.  She's also my first attempt at mixing media on the Pony.  It's still not my preference, but I feel it can work on certain ponies.  I love the rich colours I used on her (I'm not sure I'd use them again with the pink body colour,) it's a bit of a departure from the usual black-goth darkness that my ponies often have.

I haven't done any major sculpting since Rosie.  What's the next project going to be?


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