Friday, 7 January 2011

A few favourites - Part 1

It's a new year, the holidays are over, and it's time to get back to talking about customs.  Thought I'd start 2011 off with a look back at some of my favourite customs from 2010.

I want to start off with 4 ponies commissioned by a close collector friend.  These were all designed by her, and her designs were fantastic, great fun to work with.  The first is a pegasus whose symbol is based on the cycles of the moon, Lunar Light.  Made from a Starsong bait, she has her main symbol and the star over her eye only on her display side, but the tiny stars cover both sides of her body.  Her hair is Dollyhair Black Magick, Pussycat, and Mermaid.

Next is Neon Night, an 80's inspired Unicorn.  Her symbol is a blue cassette tape with neon musical notes around it.  The neon carries through in stripes of Electric Banana, Sour Apple Martini, and Bubblegum in her Black Magick Dollyhair.  She also has several piercings.

Third is Poison Pen, a corsetted poet pony with a Goth twist.  She was a Fluttershy and getting her original hair out was a huge pain in the @$$.  I've never seen so much glue in a pony's head before.  Now she has a blend of Dollyhair Black Magick, Arctic Frost, and Daiquari Ice.  Her corset is removable.  She also has a lot of piercings.

Finally, there's the wicca pony.  She was made from a Moondancer rehaired with Black Magick and Amethyst.  I'm extremely proud of how her symbol, done in purple and silver, turned out, and I'd love to do a similar Pony again.


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