Thursday, 16 December 2010

Holiday Display 2010: One Hour Before the Party...Epic Version Part 2

Every year for Christmas Morning all the Ponies of Ponyland gather in Dream Valley to celebrate the season together.  But before that they all have parties Christmas Eve Day to celebrate just with their families.  One hour before the party begins, the Ponies are rushing around getting the last minute preparations done...

In Friendship Gardens it's a pretty green Christmas this year.  But Sky Skimmer has been checking out Dream Valley through the telescope and she's reporting to Snowball and Clever Clover that there'll be snow to play in when they get there tomorrow morning.

Wingsong has stopped by the park to visit some friends and make sure they are having a happy holiday too.
Over at the Castle Berry Bright is bringing in the last of the snacks and Festivities is getting the baking out.

 Silver Swirl and Copper Glow are already packing up the gifts to take with them to Dream Valley to open Christmas morning.
 Morning Glory has a lot on her hooves trying to get the babies to settle down and have a nap so they can enjoy the party later.  Of course they're too excited to sleep, it is Christmas Eve after all.

Over in Dream Valley everyone's excited too!  Li'l Tot has had a boisterous Nursery all day.  Now that the day is winding down, she's trying to keep some of the babies entertained with holiday stories until their parents get there to pick them up.  A few of the more enthusiastic babies have gone off to play though, inside or outside.

Over at the Cabin, the Boys are loading up the sleigh to transport their gifts to the Dream Castle.
At the Show Stable, Lemon Drop and Brandy are the last ones getting ready to head out.

Up Up and Away is just ahead of them, and runs into some friends also on their way to the Nursery to pick up the kids.
 The Flutters and Wingers have arrived in Dream Valley for the party now, and are strolling about enjoying the decorations.

Over on the other side of the Valley, Fifi is still busy in the Perm Shoppe trying to convince Heart Throb that her best party look involves blue hair extensions.  She might have a better chance is she tried pink.  Meanwhile Skydancer is looking for the right accessory to complete her party look and it looks like Blue Belle is doing some last minute shopping.

Meanwhile, at the Pretty Parlour, Peachy had expected to be closed up by now.  But there's been so much snow in the last two days that there's a run on Pony galoshes and she's stayed open late to make sure everypony has dry feet.
And in the Bakery the last minute preparations look like organized chaos.  Scoops is busy making the last of the gingerbread cookies while Merry Treat loads up the sleigh with the treats that are all ready to go.

Finally, in the Dream Castle, everything is ready for the rush of Ponies that will be arriving soon.  The parts of the feast that Merry Treat dropped off earlier are laid out in the hall and Majesty and Spike are admiring the newly-decorated tree and awaiting their friends.


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