Saturday, 4 December 2010

Holiday Display 2008: A Ponyville Christmas Eve

The Ponies usually gather in Dream Valley to celebrate the season, but this year the Unicorns of Ponyville are hosting!

The Ponies are on their way in to join the party.

The Ponies always love to get together at this time of year.  All the leaders of Ponyland have a toast to celebrate the season.

Some new friends meet up as well.

The Great Feast is tomorrow, but the Ponies have all gotten together to make sure there is plenty of yummy food for snacking on tonight.

And Medley has her choir together providing atmosphere for the party.

The older Baby Ponies are allowed to stay up for a while longer, and they can't tear their eyes off the presents already under the tree.

The smaller Babies are supposed to be in bed.  But who can sleep on Christmas Eve?  Especially when your room looks down on the Christmas Tree.

The party's only getting started, but wait.  Was that a noise on the roof?

Looks like Santa's arrived a little early!  Happy Holidays!

Here's the whole display:


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