Saturday, 11 December 2010

Holiday Display 2009: Santa's arrival!

Everyone's excited because Santa Pony has just arrived.

Quarterback: "I don't mind pulling the sleigh, but I don't know how he talked me into wearing the antlers."

 Three generations of unicorns came to welcome Santa, but the baby ponies beat them to it.

Everyone's excited and in a rush to meet Santa Pony, even the littlest babies.

The late comers are just in time to join the rush...after a quick stop at the feast table.

 Starcatcher, Honolulu, and Rosedust watch Santa's arrival from the parapets...

...while Powder spots some little friends from last year's Holiday party.
Sniffles and Snookums can't wait to see which gift has their names on it.

Ribbons And Bows: "C'mon Mom! I don't want to miss Santa!"

Lickety-Split: "Hurry up, Girls, the party's getting started!"
Chocolate Chipper: "Wait a minute! There's still a pie in the oven!"

Flurry: "You're overdressed."
Little Flitter: "But it's cold!"

Wondermint: "Wow, what a tree!"
Winterberry: "It certainly is."

But in the end, the important thing about the Holidays is family.

Here's the whole display:


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