Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Holiday Display 2010: One Hour Before the Party...Epic Version Part 1

Every year for Christmas Morning all the Ponies of Ponyland gather in Dream Valley to celebrate the season together.  But before that they all have parties Christmas Eve Day to celebrate just with their families.  One hour before the party begins, the Ponies are rushing around getting the last minute preparations done...

In Ponyville the dance company is running through their last dress reherasal before their performance of The Nutcracker.  Blossomforth, the stage director, can't wait to see the crowd's reaction later tonight.

On main street, the shops are starting to close up.  Frilly Frocks and Velvet Bow have already closed up the Boutique, and they're waiting for Amberlocks to come out of the Salon.  Other Ponies are rushing about having fun and doing some last minute shopping, and Pepperminty is going about making sure everyone has snacks to keep them going.

Blossomforth's shop is still bustling with last minute shoppers.  But over at the Cotton Candy Cafe, they've closed down early to do some baking for tonight's party.  Cotton Candy has called in some extra staff to help, and they're finally ready to load everything up to take to the castle.  And it's about time, Baby Penny Candy is getting impatient to head to the party!

At the Celebration Castle the last of the decorations are just going up.  The cooks are looking over the feast preparations with a well-deserved feeling of satisfaction.  And the last of the pre-Santa gifts have been laid out under the tree.

Some of the moms took the baby Ponies out to play in the snow to keep them out of the way of the preparations.  Now that they're back the babies are excited to see the tree up.  Santa will be here soon.  And with the preparations winding down, Minty and Kimono are taking a moment to enjoy each other's company.

Meanwhile, over on Butterfly Island, the Pegasi are just getting their tropical Christmas party started.  The gifts are laid out under the "Christmas Tree" and everyone's having fun feasting and playing on the beach with family and friends.

In Unicornia Brights Brightly and Whistle Wishes have just finished stringing the lights and Garden Wishes has just finished decorating the tree.

Sweetie Belle has the feast all laid out and Sunrise Song is off to tell everyone that things are ready.  And Rarity is at the front door to welcome their guests.


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