Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Spanish Rose, an MGR custom

Spanish Rose was created for the 2009 MLP Fair in Las Vegas, and she received an honourable mention in the General Entries category (this was the first year that the Fair stopped awarding 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes.)

She started life as a bait Pocket Pony found at Value Village.  I thought the pose would be perfect for an MGR custom, and I'd been dying to try one.

She was fully sculpted with Apoxie Clay - my first major work with that medium.  It's a joy to work with!  Very easy, very forgiving, and air drying, so you don't have to bake the pony.  It's also very strong and hard to break.  I added some jewels into the clay as I was molding it so that they would look inset on the finished product.

She was painted with Reaper Master Series acrylic model paints.  She's also the first MLP custom I painted to look like a real horse.  My roommate said the hair reminded her of a Spanish lady, and since I had based her colouring on an Andalusian the name seemed to fit.


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