Sunday, 14 November 2010

Holiday Time at Elfpony's House

Hasbro has put out a lot of Christmas-themed Pony stuff over the years.  And craft/dollar stores have put out a lot of miniature Holiday-themed stuff over the years.  It's a match made in heaven.
Back in 2005 I started using all these miniature accessories to indulge in some diorama creation and set up Pony Holiday displays.  This is the first such, and doesn't have any overarching theme other than probably "Christmas Morning" with all the Ponies arriving at the Dream Castle.  I used all the Hasbro Holiday Ponies I owned at the time, as well as a few other favourites.  I also set up the display to be viewed only from the one angle.  This is probably the simplest Holiday display I've ever done.

Now, five years later, I'm getting ready to set up my most complex Holiday Display ever, involving nearly every playset I own, and probably at least 50 Ponies.  I thought I'd celebrate by posting the other displays over the next several weeks leading up to posting this year's Epic Holiday Display!  Stay tuned!


PS: You'll notice I use the terms Holiday and Christmas relatively interchangably.  I'm not Christian, and I don't consider the holiday that I celebrate in December "Christmas."  Therefore, I don't generally use the term Christmas when refering to myself.  Although I don't think my Ponies are Christians either, I will occassionally use the term while describing the displays.  After all, certain phrases such as "Twas the Night Before Christmas" are just a little too iconic not to use.

You'll notice a lot of homemade outfits and accessories in the Holiday Displays.  These were made by myself and several friends, collectors and not.  I thank them for their efforts.

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