Saturday, 20 November 2010

Holiday Display 2006: Christmas Morning In Ponyland

It's Christmas Morning, and all the Ponies are gathering at the Dream Castle to celebrate the season!  Majesty, dressed as the Winter Queen, and Spike greet everyone at the drawbridge.

 Other Ponies are watching out for their friends to arrive.

"Happy Holidays, Mittens!"
"You're Mittens.  I'm Snow'El."

"Hey, I can see my house from here!"
"You live in a huge castle, Rarity, you can see your house from anywhere!"

Some of the Ponies are out playing in the snow...

...while others catch up with old friends and new ones.

 "Don't you dare laugh, Merry Treat.  It was Firefly's idea."

 Families take a moment to enjoy each other's company.

But the Ponies are starting to gather round the tree...and the presents!

But the Breezies are still looking out for Santa.  Maybe no one told them he arrives on Christmas Eve!

Scoops is making sure everything's laid out for the great Feast after the gifts have been opened.  It looks like Little Honey Pie is ready to dig in now!

And she's not the only one who wants a sweet snack to start off the day!

Here's the full Display:


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