Friday, 27 May 2016

Another Re-Org in the Geek Cave Part 2

Last weekend was the first really nice weather we've had this spring in my area.  So naturally, I spent a full day in the Geek Cave reorganizing things!
It went well.  I didn't get things completely moved around, but I did get the majority of what I wanted done, done.
As you can see, the G4s and G3s have switched locations, which I think works pretty well (until the next giant G4 castle, anyway).  All the convention exclusives are better placed now.
I organized the G3s generally by theme (food ponies, celestial ponies, tropical ponies, etc).  The G4 ponies don't have a dedicated display space now (i.e., groups of ponies displayed together in rows), but they are so small and their playsets so large that it works better to display them interacting in the playsets.
What didn't get done is the reorg of the plushies that live in the closet (non-pony stuff needs to come out of the cave), and clean up of the display area.  I've also decided to reorganize my G4 accessories.  Rather than keeping them in sets (as I do for the other gens) I'm going to store them in themes (food, clothes, etc).  There are so many recolours and reuses of accessories for that gen, I just feel it works better that way).  I will have photos of all the ponies with the accessories they came with, if I ever need to sort them out by set again later (and I'm behind on that project, too).
In any case, the majority of the work in the Cave has been done, so now the focus shifts to MLP Fair prep!


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