Friday, 3 October 2014

Curating a collection - what to wish for?

As a collector the natural progression from "what to buy" and "what to keep" is, of course, "what to wish for."  I suspect that most if not all collectors have a wish list on the go at any given time.

A wish list, for the uninitiated, is just what it sounds like: a list of collection pieces that a collector would like to add to her collection.  It could be a general list (everything that the collector desires) or specific (a list for a gift swap with a specific theme or pricepoint).  Some collectors have several lists on the go at any time.
These two were on my wishlist for over 10 years before they joined the herd.
Building a wish list is a very personal thing, and yet another way of curating.  As mentioned previously, deciding what ultimately to add to a collection is the first stage of curating.  A wish list is like building a virtual collection before building the physical ones.  And it's much easier and cheaper to change your mind at this stage.

My own wishlist has gone through numerous changes over the years.  It's a collector's preogative to change her mind and her wishlist will show that.  Ponies have come on and off the list (not necessarily because they've joined the herd).  The structure of the list has changed numerous times too, especially with different generations being added, and different types of ponies (brushables, blind bags, plush, etc).  And what works for one collector (a simple list, an spreadsheet, a photo collection) may not work for someone else.
Sunshower never was on my want list, but when she came home from a thrift store, she stayed.
I also have the bad habit of not keeping my wish list (or catalogue) completely up-to-date.  This is mainly because I have no difficulty remembering who I have and who I want, and what condition they are in.  However, it's not so helpful for anyone else who is looking for gift ideas.  The wish list and catalogue are useful, however, in tracking little details like accessory colours and the like.

A wishlist can also work as a control to remind you what you actually want to add to your collection.  But you needn't be bound by it either.  I've had it happen that I didn't think I wanted a certain pony until I saw one in person.  As in Sunshower's case above, I hadn't been interested in the set she came with when it was in stores, but when I got a good look at her in person years later, I decided that I wanted to hang on to her.  The collection keeps changing.

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