Friday, 26 September 2014

Curating a collection - what to keep?

So you've bought some ponies, you've set them up on a shelf, you've admired them, and then you've gone about your day.  As a collector, you repeat this process over and again.  But at what point do you stop and look at what you have?  I've always held that it's not necessary to be constantly adding to a collection to be a collector.  Part of the enjoyment of collecting comes from contemplating what you already have, not only what you want.
Going through my collection and cleaning and photographing everyone is a way for me to do that, and to share my collection with my friends online.  It's also another form of curating, because while I'm going through and cleaning everyone, I'm also curating my collection.
Tastes and preferences change over time.  There have been points where I've sold ponies I originally bought for myself because, as I mentioned last week, I no longer liked them as much as I had.  I find this to be particularly true of the G3s, the first generation that I was able to buy in store while being an adult collector.  As such, I tended to buy nearly every pony I could get my hands on rather than making decisions at the time, and so I've had to thin out the herd after the fact.
I don't find this happens as much with the older generations.  Perhaps this is because they're a bit harder to come by, so I have lots of time to consider which ponies I want long before I get them.  Instead I end up deciding there are more and more ponies that I want, not fewer.  Hopefully, there will always be another pony.

I've been pondering adding a section to blog posts to track what I'm working on.  You've no doubt noticed that I haven't been posting custom ponies lately.  This is not because I haven't been customizing, but rather that the jobs I'm working on now can't be shared until they get to their new homes.  I may not add this tracking list to all posts, but I think it's a way of keeping you in the loop until I can share my WIPs.

Current Customs:
Commissions: 1
Swaps: 1
Gifts: 1
Personal: 5

Current Cataloguing:
Ponies Cleaned: 15
Sets Photographed: 4
Photos Posted: 18

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