Friday, 17 October 2014

Second hand luck

When we're out and about sometimes we like to look in on thrift stores and flea markets to check for MLP and MOTU.  Occasionally we get lucky and find a piece or two.  I have a pretty strong "no pony left behind" motto.

One day, Roomy and I were particularly lucky and each found a vintage piece at Value Village.  We got excited and hit nearly every other Value Village in the city that day, and many more ponies were recovered.  Then a friend found her childhood collection and gave them to me.  Then another a friend contacted me saying his wife had some childhood ponies she wanted to sell me.  Then we went to Montreal Comic Con and found a whole bin of ponies, cheap.  And that's how this happened.
These ponies represent my second hand finds for the last two months.  Needless to say, I'm not usually this successful in this short a time.

I've got a LOT of cleaning ahead of me.



Personal customs: 6
Other artwork pieces: 8

Collection ponies cleaned: 0
Collection ponies photographed: 0

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