Friday, 23 August 2013

We're officially moved in...

The Geek Cave is unpacked!

It's not totally organized.  We still need more shelving.  There's a bunch of stuff stuck in the closet.  But there's no more moving boxes in there!  It feels good to be so far along in the process only five months after we moved.  I think it's the first time I've felt like the Ponies have a permanent home.
View from the Door - this is Roomy's MOTU corner
G1s with various merch on the top of the shelves
More G1s and G3s and G4s
G2s, G3s, and playsets of all gens
More G3s and blind bags
More G3s
Eventually, I want to have the ponies spaced out, so they're not all facing forward and crowded together.  I also need to do some better organization than just by generation (putting families together and such.)  Fun times are ahead!  :D


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