Friday, 17 May 2013

Moving Ponies

Moving house means moving Ponies.  In my case, the Ponies moved before Roomy and I did.

Moving  500ish Ponies, plus accessories, plus playsets, plus books, plus merchandise, plus shelving, plus packaging, plus...well you get the a lot of work.  Heck, just packing all that is a lot of work.  But many hands make light work, and luckily I had the help of Roomy, fellow Pony Collector Stormrave, and Stormy's husband, The Doctor.
Me and Stormrave, in the living room with piles and piles of Ponies.
So we packed, and packed, and packed.  And then we loaded the cars.  And then we unloaded the cars.  And the Ponies, etc were all in their new home.  Doesn't sound like much when you write it out, but it was a solid two days of work just to get everything from the old house to the new.

All in all it was a pretty entertaining weekend.  At one point The Doctor slipped on some ice while carrying a giant box of G3 playsets (this was back in March, remember.)  Luckily he wasn't hurt, but when he fell one of the playsets activated and began playing the MLP theme.  We're still having an occasional laugh over that.  Too bad for us that I didn't have a camera at the ready, but I suppose that's for the best for The Doctor's pride.

One small corner of the new Pony Room
 And so begins the process of organizing the new Pony Room.  *sigh*


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