Saturday, 4 February 2012

The great Pony Room Reorg - volume 9

Do you see these kittens?  (OK, they're two, but they're the youngest cats in the house by far, so they're the kittens.)

These kittens are the reason for the following post.

When we first moved the Pony Room downstairs we put a sliding plastic door up to keep the kittens out.  That worked for awhile, but then the kittens pulled the hook that was holding the door closed out of the wall and got into the Pony Room.  Bad.  So we got a second sliding door to add to the first one.  The doors met in the middle and could be tied shut.  Problem solved, we thought!
sideways slidy doors
Wrong.  Now the doors had enough give that the kittens could squeeze underneath.  Bad.  Now the Ponies are unsafe in the Pony Room!  What's a girl to do?  (At least the kittens have gotten out of the chewing phase!)  Luckily, Roomy came to the rescue with a friend who's a handyman and was more than willing to help us with our problem.  He suggested an innovative cat-proofing solution sure to astound the ages!
A Door!

Our Friendly-Neighbourhood Handyman then proceeded to go above and beyond, building walls to support the door, hanging the door, spending lots of time making sure the door was straight and worked well, framing the door, and putting up drywall.  All that's left for us to do is paint the "walls."
A doorless Pony Room
Roomy and Handyman Francis taking measurements
The walls go up.
Putting up the drywall.
 And that's it!  In the space of about four hours I now have a Pony Room that is both secure AND easy for me to come in and out of.  This, my friends, is a good day!

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