Sunday, 2 October 2011

The Yet-To-Be-Named Team

Last week I introduced the YTBNT Ponyville customs.  This week, I'm showing off the full-sized customs.

Nightshadepony (the ninja.  Her blanket is covered with black cats and shurikens.  She's rehaired with Deadly Nightshade, Poison Ivy, and Black Magick):
 Sleepwalkerpony (the spirit.  Her blanket is covered with stars.  She's rehaired with Sunlight, Caramel Cream, and Golden Goddess):
 ACpony (the demon.  her blanket is covered in flames.  She's rehaired with Venom, Evil Enchantress, and Vampire Kiss):
 Firebrandpony (the fire fiend.  Her blanket has a chinese dragon.  She's rehaired with Cherry Pie, Tea Rose, and Bubblegum):
 Elfpony (the elf.  Her blanket is covered with trilliums and arrows.  She's rehaired with Pumpkin Spice, Tigerlilly, and Volcano):
Team shots:



  1. I am totally sniffing Karen's hair. She smell purdy... :P

  2. No doubt she does, better at least than some of the customs I experimented with scenting. ;)