Saturday, 22 October 2011

It's Hockey Time!

Well, actually, Hockey time started two weeks ago.  And this girl was all set for the drop of the puck.
 Leafs Fan Elfpony is the latest version of my persona.  She has been fully repainted, as well as having her jersey sculpted from Apoxie Clay.  Her horn was made by the lovely and talented PrincessFireFly.  Her hair is Dollyhair Pumpkin Spice and Black Magick.  The jersey was fully hand painted, aside from the logo on the chest which is a sticker.
 She's not my best work, if I'm honest, but I let myself off a bit on some details because I was making her only for myself.  She'll be enjoying the hockey season with me from now through the winter.
 The number 31 was chosen for my favourite players Grant Fuhr and Curtis Joseph (both goalies, both #31.)


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