Sunday, 11 September 2011

Works in progress

There's a minor problem with blogging about customs you're working on when most of the customs you're working on are for swaps: you have to keep them a secret until your partner receives them.  As I'm currently participating in both the Arena Halloween Custom Swap 4.0 and Advent Swap 2011, the majority of the custom work I've done recently has been for those.  However, I do have a few WIP pictures to share this week.

 Firstly, a custom that I'm actually working on for myself (*gasp!*)  She's been a WIP for nearly two years now, but most of that has been sitting in the bait box waiting.  Now I've set myself a deadline of Thanksgiving weekend (in a little less than a month) to have her completed.  The sculpting and sanding were the major parts of the project, there's only painting left now.
 I also have two Maneki Ponies that will be swap gifts.  Who will they be?
 Finally, a custom McD pony who will be part of the Advent Swap gift to my partner.  The WIP picture doesn't give away who my partner is, so I thought I'd share.  I do enjoy making carousel ponies and it's been awhile since I've done one.  She's simple, but I like how she turned out.  Pictures of her finished will come, but not until my partner opens her swap box in December.

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