Sunday, 18 September 2011

Remake a Fake

A co-worker recently learned of my Pony customization and gave me a fakie.  He also asked how to tell a real MLP from a fakie (by finding "Hasbro" written on the bottom of the foot.)  He said I could use the fakie as a custom bait.  And so I shall.
The question being, what should I make her (him?) into?

There's staining on the other side, so a repaint is definitely in order.  I'll rehair as well, since the original hair is dry and short.  Possibilities so far are:

Pegacorn Fakie Elfpony
Harley Davidson pony (the co-worker is a Harley fan.)
Ice Cream theme (she's chubby and I'm currently obsessed with Choc. Mint ice cream
Work theme (and she'd live in my cubicle.)

I'm open to suggestions.



  1. I think ice-cream theme sounds cute! Especially since she's a little chubby, hehe.

  2. Poor thing is still sitting on my shelf waiting on a decision...