Sunday, 6 March 2011

A few favorites - part 3

When I finished my 100th custom I wanted to do something to mark the event.  So I held a free raffle on the Arena with the winner getting a custom of their choice.  KittyBethy's name was drawn as the winner and she designed a beautiful basic custom that I was happy to make.

Autumn Bloom is made from a Golden Delicious bait, rehaired with Dollyhair Pumpkin Spice and Deadly Nightshade.  Her eyes were repained.

I am particularly proud of her symbol, which was painted freehand.  I do enjoy floral symbols, but I tend not to actually do one unless it's requested by someone else (or it's a rose, I have a weakness for roses.)  Autumn is one of my favourite customs because of the symbol, and because I think KittyBethy really came up with a beautiful design.  It was a pleasure to bring her to life.



  1. You painted that flower freehand?!?! That's amazing!! I totally thought it was a transfer or something until I read the whole post.
    She's beautiful. <3