Sunday, 13 March 2011

A few favorites - part 4

I'm generally a sucker for any Custom Swap that involves literature, mythology, or the like.  So when Roselynn_Thornwood hosted a Mythology Swap on the Arena, of course I wanted to participate.

Roselynn was my partner and her list was all from Norse mythology, which is also a favourite of mine.  I decided to create a Freya Pony for her.

Freya was made of a Cherry Blossom bait, rehaired with Dollyhair Pumpkin Spice, Tigerlily, Golden Goddess, Caramel Cream, and Golden Sun.  Her eyes were repainted and I included the golden tears that Freya cries as she searches for her husband.  She is also wearing Brisings' necklace, which was created of gold paint and jewels.  Because Freya is the goddess of both love and war, her symbol is a sword with a heart-shaped jewel on it.

Freya is also known for her chariot pulled by Tabbycats, so naturally I included some friends for her.  The Tabbies were created with Apoxie Clay over a wire frame and painted with Reaper Master Series acrylics.



  1. Oh my I can't believe you did that many colors in her hair. Also the kitties are way too cute!

  2. Those are totally my tabbies! You're a tabby thief!!!

  3. The tabbies were the inspiration. The orange one's not fat enough to be your tabby, though. ;)