Thursday, 7 September 2017

Back to School in Dream Valley

It's the first day of school in Dream Valley!
Painting Time is dropping off Baby Pictures for the first day of school.  The rest of the class is already there, playing outside the schoolhouse.
Starlight comes out to ring the bell.  It's time for school to begin!
Everyone take your seats! Baby Schoolbag has an apple for the teacher.
The first lesson of the new school year! Let's get to know each other.
The next lesson of the day is on the History of Ponyland, given by guest teacher Wind Whistler.  She knows all about history.  And geography.  And...well everything, really.
After that it's lunch time. The students go out into the yard to eat and get in some playtime before the afternoon classes.  Starlight keeps an eye on everyone.
Baby Alphabet is more interested in reading her book than lunch.  I hope she remembers to eat before lunch time is over.
After lunch the students have free time to do what they like, and it comes as no surprise what each one chooses.  Baby Pictures is painting, Baby Count-A-Lot is doing sums, Baby Alphabet is determined to finish that book.  Baby Schoolbag can't decide what to do, so Starlight asks her to help out tidying up the classroom. Baby Schoolbag likes that, she wants to be a teacher when she grows up, too.
The last class of the day is a music class with Music Time.  It looks like most of the students are enjoying the class, but one of them seems to be distracted.
Finally school is out for the day.
Baby Pictures shows her mom what she's done at school that day. Painting Time is happy that she had a good first day of school.
Baby Alphabet is borrowing a couple of books for the evening.  Starlight is happy she's enjoying her books, but hopes she'll remember to have dinner tonight, as well.



  1. I had that school!! And most of those ponies I think. Probably lost forever in my granny's house in Ireland. I loved Baby Pictures.

    1. It's such a great set! I'm missing a few pieces that I hope to find someday.