Friday, 16 December 2016

Holidays at Elfpony's 2016 Edition

Every year, at the start of the Holiday season, Majesty hosts a special party at the Dream Castle for all the Ponies who have had something special happen or have accomplished something special during the past year.  All the invited ponies dress up in their best for an evening of food, drink, socializing and recognition.

The Ponies are just starting to arrive for this year's celebration.  Some other Ponies have been hired to bring the invitees to the party in style, in a two Pony open sleigh.

Majesty and Spike greet everyone at the drawbridge and welcome them inside.
The Ponies are serenaded with carols from Medley's Choir.  The musical Ponies will be performing all night.  Don't they sound wonderful?

The Ponies are mingling, enjoying the music and the company.  Everyone is in a festive mood.

Stockings and Merry Treat are there to oversee the party, as usual.  Stockings has made sure the Dream Castle is looking its best, with lovely decorations, while Merry Treat has been hard at work preparing the cakes, pies, and other treats for the guests.  Doesn't everything look so lovely and tasty!

Happy Holidays!

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