Friday, 23 December 2016

Bonus Post: Holidays at Elfpony's Roomy's!

You know that Roomy is also a collector.  This year she started re-arranging her collection while I was setting up my Pony Holiday display.  So of course...
Ah!  The Holidays on Eternia!  Of course the party is happening in Castle Greyskull.  The twins are exchanging gifts for their birthday.  It looks Cringer got something for Adam, too.  And Seahawk has arrived with a gift for Adora.
Orco and Teela are checking out the other gifts under the tree.  Some of Adora's friends have arrived with more gifts.  Frosta is on the lookout for He-Man and the mistletoe.
Bow is providing some dulcet tones on his lyre.  He's got quite an audience, too.
Man-At-Arms seems to have brought a very large gift for someone special.
Yes, the Holidays are a time for giving.  Giving your Roomy a new display!

Happy Holidays!
Elf and Roomy

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