Friday, 9 September 2016

Sparkle So-Softs 2

They're sparkly!  They're fuzzy!  What more can I say about these customs?
SS Surprise
SS Twilight
All of these but Magic Star are McDonalds ponies whose manes have been sculpted.  They were all fully repainted and sealed to match existing G1 So-Soft ponies (except in the case below, of course).  I then slowly began to apply the sparkle flocking to each pony, beginning with the symbols and working my way around the body.
SS Elfpony
SS Magic Star
Magic Star was a blind bag Rainbow Dash whose wings were removed for another custom.  It is difficult to apply the flocking evenly.  A few of these are not as fully covered as I would have liked.  The yellow in particular looks patchy, but I'm quite happy with how the others have turned out.


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