Friday, 1 July 2016

Still Panicking

The 2016 Fair is almost upon us!  So many questions are still to be answered.  What does the poster look like?  What does the pin look like?  Who will win the contests?
And most importantly (to me), how on earth will I ever get everything ready in time!?!?!?!
Somehow, it always happens.  Or, at least, we get enough of it ready that it looks like we were on top of everything.  *shifty eyes*
I went into the Geek Cave the other night and found more things that should be coming with us this year.  They're just going to have to wait for next year now.  I haven't got time to deal with anything else that's not already on the to-do list.
Somehow it always gets done.  The most important thing once we get in there is, pause, take a deep breath, have fun.
It's gonna be great.

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