Friday, 15 July 2016

Custom Contest Entry 2016

Another Fair is in the books!  And now that the excitement has finished I'm showing off my Hasbro-inspired contest entry.  I don't think these two need much of an introduction.
Megan is a G1 Megan doll, with brand new clothes (thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster that I don't have to sew my own clothes!  It would not be pretty!).  She's been dressed in her Rescue at Midnight Castle outfit.  Her clothes were all hand sewn (never again!) and her boots are cut down and repainted Barbie boots.
TJ started out as a bait Mirror Mirror.  I chose this pose because she is a more or less mirror image of the original Sundance toy.  She's been fully repainted to match her Rescue at Midnight Castle self and sealed.  Her hair is a blend of DH Buttercream and Virgin Snow.
In RaMC, TJ is shown as having round, white dapples on her rump.  I decided to add a heart-shaped dapple to my custom, as a reminder that, when Macau/Italian Jenny was first "discovered" by collectors, she was thought to have been Megan's pony, TJ.  TJ didn't have a bridle in the movie, but I've made her one that is similar to Sundance's.
Now Megan can have adventures with both of her special ponies!
If you'd like to see my other Fair pictures, you can find them here. I had a great time, as always.  Can't wait for next year!


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