Friday, 7 August 2015

Red Roses

Not a restoration, so much as a major cleanup job.  I bought this Red Roses at the Fair this year thinking that I'd try to save her mane, and if it didn't work out, she could be a rehair project.
I think she turned out pretty darn well.
Red was taken apart, as she had rather a lot of tail rust.  She was cleaned inside and out, and then her hair was carefully combed out until she regained her former puffy glory.  I chose to leave her original forelock intact, although it was a bit dry and faded, since the rest of her remained original.

One thing I try to tell people when I talk about customizing, is to always clean your potential bait before you start taking her apart.  There have been many times when I planned to use a pony for a custom only to find out that she cleaned up better than anticipated.  Some have even ended up in my collection instead.


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