Friday, 14 August 2015

More on Army Ponies

I've had the opportunity recently to add to both my armies, at the Fair and taking advantage of some clearance sales.

I was very happy to add another couple of Nirvana ponies (Brazil Peachy and Argie Snuzzle), although now I'd like to branch out into versions who don't look quite so much like the North American versions (also, I'm running short of those).
Argie Snuzzle
Brazil Peachy
I've also added more Princess to the Twilight Sparkle army (not a hard feat, considering how many versions there are of her).  I very likely wouldn't have added the giant talking version, however, except that she went on clearance for quite a bit less than she started at.
Friends pack Twi with socks and necklace removed
Giant talking Twi thinks her barrettes are so pretty!
I'm updating my flickr albums for both armies, which you can visit below.  The general cleaning and cataloging of the collection has been slowed down due to summer (and the high levels of humidity that accompany it), but I've managed to add a few more pictures to the collection albums.  Links for everything are on this page, if you're interested in taking a look.  More to come...

Snuzzle/Peachy Army
Twilight Sparkle Army


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