Friday, 18 April 2014


Like many collectors, I find myself with several ponies in my herd that are either bald or otherwise in need of new hair.  I have discussed restoration before, but alternate rehairs have been in vogue for several months now in the community.  Some collectors have voiced concerns that vintage ponies in perfect condition are being sacrificed for the fun of alternate rehairs.

While I can't speak for all collectors, I'm sure this is not the case.  There have been many times I've seen a pony who's body and paint are in excellent shape, but who's hair is less so.  I've got a few examples below:
Honeysuckle I bought at my first MLP Fair back in 2006 (much like the SS Buttons deflocking, let it never be said that I rush into anything).  I bought her for 75 cents because, although her body was in near-mint condition, her hair looked like a wire scouring pad and felt much the same.  I very much doubt that any amount of conditioning and straightening was going to improve this original hair.
Little Giggles came to me with not much more hair than you see now.  Again, her body is in near-mint condition, and although she's pretty cute bald, she'll be much cuter with big curls again.  She's also been waiting patiently to join the Hair Club for Ponies for several years.
I can't actually recall the events of Cloud Puff joining my herd, but I know she's been here for at least 3 years, and I think she was a Fair purchase.  The hair she has isn't actually in terrible condition, but she's had quite a haircut.  Her symbols have a bit of wear on them, but otherwise she's in good shape.
Finally is blue hearts Dazzle Glow, one of my luckiest Value Village finds.  Her only flaws are a few scratches on her symbols and, unfortunately short, thin, dry hair.  Her mane is almost crispy, her tail is thin and wispy.  She may have some rust as well, but I haven't gotten her head off yet to be sure.

All of these ponies will be staying with me after they've been restored, however I will still be marking the bottom of their feet to show they have been rehaired.  This is especially important if you're using the original colour of hair, so that down the line other collectors will know what they're handling.

The reason I'm rehairing these 4 girls now is that I want all the ponies in my herd to look their best when I take their photos for the catalogue pictures.  It's the push I finally needed to get to work on these girls.  I will post photos of them as they are finished in the coming weeks.


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