Saturday, 22 March 2014

The Great Geek Cave Weekend - Recap

Yes, both Roomy and I survived both the Ikea trip and the building/shifting of furniture last weeked.  Let me tell you how it went.

We are old pros at Ikea now, so that was relatively uneventful.  Saturday morning we began work in earnest, with Roomy building and me shifting things around in the Cave.  That was when the first injury occured, as I forgot that my Build a Bear Ponies were on top of a certain shelving unit.  It wouldn't have been so bad when they all fell on me, except Pinkie Pie was wearing BAB roller skates.  Ow!
Roomy builds the things, in a collection appropriate shirt
While Roomy was out in the hall building, I shifted things.  Then I shifted some other things.  Then things began to be crowded and messy.
This over here...this over here...Pinkie on rollerskates on the floor...
Collection Tetris
The end result of this weekend was that we now have all the bones in place for this room.  All the essential pieces of furniture are in there, which will allow us both to display our collections in the best way possible in that room.  I'm loving the nice, clean, white look of everything.
Vintage POP
Current MOTUC
Roomy has a much smaller collection than I (she's been collecting for a shorter time) so before the weekend was over her area was all set up.  I...have more work ahead of me...
So many ponies, so little organization


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