Friday, 7 March 2014

Random pony thoughts

Sometimes, there are things that I think about for the blog, but they don't amount to a full blog post by themselves.

Last summer one of the malls in town had a kiosk that sold signs with popular cartoon characters on them.  You could get them personalized - Happy Birthday Elfpony, or something to that respect.  They were quite obviously bootleg images, however, and they sort of missed the mark with the Pony sign.  Are the G4s visiting the G3s?  Did the two Ponyvilles collide?
Rarity is not impressed (but this is the best image ever).  I rather regret not getting one of these posters.
In the autumn, I received a lovely gift from a friend.  She is one of the most giving people I know, and she made these two Sunbeam pendants for my birthday.  I've worn them several times since then, and look forward to showing them off at this year's MLP Fair in July.  I've been remiss in not posting these sooner.
I felt old during a recent trip to the DVD something that's only 10 years old really a classic?  (Can you believe G3 is 10 years old!?!?)  Also, why can't we have a nice G1 DVD set, with uncut versions of Rescue at Midnight Castle and Escape from Catrina?
There you go.  Some random pony-related thoughts from the head of Elfpony.


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