Friday, 21 February 2014

Herding Ponies

Part of the reason that I've never finished the cataloguing project before is that I get irritated when things aren't in the correct order or I run into a snag related to timing.  So this time I'm trying to get organized right from the get go.
One of my first goals was to get the G1s organized by set.  Previously, I'd taken pictures of sets together, but when I added to the set later, it irked me that I either had to take the whole set out again for more pictures or have extra pictures of the new pony.  This time, I plan to take individual pics of each pony (with a few exceptions - newborn twin sets and such), so when new ponies are added to the herd, it's only a matter of taking their photo.
I've also decided to include accessories that go along with each pony in the photo.  Doubtless this will drive me nuts later as I add more accessories (especially the many ribbons...) but at least I'll have a complete picture of what goes with who.  Of course, this also means that I have to go through all my accessories and sort out what belongs to who prior to the photo shoot.  Thank goodness for collection guide books!
The final step before photography will be to clean and style each pony.  Obviously, I'm not going to clean the whole herd in one sitting (I'd need an extra two weeks vacation).  I've worked out how many sets I have, and how many ponies in each set.  I'll break the job down into sensible bites and go from there.

This thing is going to happen.


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