Wednesday, 22 January 2014

G-Anime and Trottawa, 2014

This weekend it's convention time in the Nation's Capital with G-Anime / Trottawa happening at the Palais de Congress in Hull.  I'm presenting panels with some lovely and talented people at both cons this year.  Here's a look at my schedule:


Collaborative Writing - noon - Creativity in a team brings its own set of challenges and rewards.  Advice from those who have travelled that road before.

Collecting 101 - 3pm - We'll be discussing the basics of collecting, including getting familiar with your chosen collectible, joining online forums, and how to budget for your collection.

Collecting 102 - 9pm - Here we'll be discussing some of the hard questions about collecting - when is enough too much, how to talk to non-collectors about your collection, how to live with a collection and a non-collector at the same time, etc.


Living the Creative Lifestyle - 10am - Whether you're already a creative professional or you're trying to break into the field, you need to balance your creative work with the rest of your life.  We'll share some tips and tricks that we find help us.

Customs and Cosplay - 3pm - Have you ever wanted to create a 3-dimentional version of your favourite character, either as a custom toy or a costume, but didn't know where to begin?  Then this panel is for you.

History of MLP - 4pm - In my final panel of the weekend we'll go through the whole 31 year history of the MLP brand, from it's humble beginnings in 1983 to the renewed popularity worldwide that FIM is experiencing now.

Hope to see you there!


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