Friday, 10 January 2014

Further ruminations on the topic of risers and shelves

I love the Billy bookcases, but they are tall, and I am short, and seeing the Ponies on the top shelf can be problematic.
This is what the top shelf of one Pony shelf looks like
This is my view from my height.  Where are the Big Brothers?
I ended up removing the first row of Ponies from that top shelf, so I could see the Big Brother Ponies, but it's got me thinking that I may use those top shelves more for storage or display of larger merchandise rather than Ponies, so I can see them better.

The last type of riser that I use for displaying my collection are homemade popsicle stick shelves.  They're not pretty, they're not the most effective, but they're cheap, and back when I was a student, that was a big plus.  And you can build them to different heights, as you need.  The Big Brother Ponies on that top shelf were displayed on these.

Stacks of popsicle sticks, with platforms between.  It's not great, but it works.

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