Sunday, 30 September 2012

T minus 14 Days

Two weeks from today I'll be manning a booth at Geek Market, along with Roomy (assuming she survives her upcoming book deadline) and hopefully selling some Ponies.  I'll be spending much of next weekend rehairing the customs I'll be bringing for sale.

Help! We're bald!
I'll also have several non-custom ponies for sale there.  Possibly in a big bin, possibly better displayed.  I guess we'll see how the organization goes.  At least everyone's still priced from the Fair in July.

Bobbing for Ponies?
Mangas, and some additional 80s cartoon/anime/gamer toys will keep the Ponies company and be up for sale too.
Guess who?
Between the 501st, the Klingons, the vendors, and the general Geekery that will be going on, I think it will be a great day.


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