Saturday, 30 June 2012

MLP Fair Prep 2012

It's almost time to head off for the Fair again!  This year it's in Orlando and Roomy and I are driving down again.  Sadly, Roomy has just been forced to retire her old car, Maude.  Maude has made four trips to the Fair with us (Memphis, Rhode Island, Kentucky, and Rhode Island again) but won't be joining us in Florida.  Instead, we'll be travelling in Roomy's new car, Lorna.  Lorna is a good car, but Maude will be missed.

Elfpony and Merle the cat on Maude's dash on the way to Memphis MLP Fair
 It's a long drive for us this year.  Thank goodness for our friends, Sleepwalker, Stormrave, and The Doctor, who are willing to cat/fish/house sit for us while we're gone. We have some excellent friends, some of whom are conveniently located close to our house.

Well the custom Ponies are done, the elements of the display are organized, and I'm on vacation!  What's left to do before the Fair?

Oh.  Right.  The packing.

Packing the ponies is possibly my least favourite part of Fair prep.  Will everything fit in the suitcase?  (No.)  Will everything fit in the car?  (Pony tetris.)  What will the border guards say when we cross?  (You're going where for what?)  Actually, I've had some fantastic border guard moments over the years.  One was very enthusiastic about my customs and held up the line while she looked at them.  Another had the funniest expression when she opened my pony filled suitcase and saw what was inside.

Suitcase filled with Ponies

Well, there are the Ponies packed.  There still seems to be quite a lot of stuff not in the suitcase, but at least everything's grouped together now!  I can relax until we're ready to go, or at least until I remember something else that needs to be done.

Oh crap...


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