Saturday, 2 June 2012

Flower Unicorns Part 1

Presenting the latest series of customs I've been working on: the Flower Unicorns.

I had decided, quite some time ago, to do a series of unicorns that look more like traditional unicorns rather than MLP unicorns.  To do this, I worked with five McDonalds Happy Meal G3 MLPs.

Since these ponies come with molded tails, and I didn't want to undertake the major revision of cutting the tails off and resculpting the rear and back legs, they do have full tails instead of the traditional "lion's tail" of a traditional unicorn.  They're also missing beards, as I just couldn't get beards to look right on them.

I did add some sculpted elements to their original tails, to make them more individual.  I also added sculpted manes, horns, feathers on their legs, and cloven hooves.  They each also have one type of flower in their hair.  They've each been fully repainted in various shades of white and ivory.  They will all be available for sale at this year's MLP Fair.

Here are some images of Daffodil and Rose.  The other three in the series will be making an appearance next week.


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