Sunday, 8 January 2012

Sugarplum: A Holiday Swap Custom Pony

Happy New Year, Ponyfans!

I'm starting off the year with the last custom I completed in 2011.  Sunnydaze of the MLPArena and I have been pony friends since we met at the San Francisco Fair in 2006.  We decided we'd do a private Holiday swap to celebrate Christmas this year and provided each other with a list of likes and dislikes.  This is the Pony I created for her.
 Sugarplum was made from a Royalette who'd had an unfortunate run in with a cat at some point in her life and had quite a few chew marks to show for it.  Her plum symbol, holly, and the sugar swirls on her legs and head were all made with Apoxie Clay.  She was painted in Folkart metalics acrylics and Reaper Masters Series acrylics and sealed with Mod Podge.  Her hair is Dollyhair mulberry crush, sugarplum, buttercreme, virgin snow, brambleberry.

Sunnydaze liked her, I hope you do to.


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