Saturday, 23 July 2011

My Little Collector

My Little Collector was my Hasbro-Inspired contest entry at this year's MLP Fair.  Although she didn't win anything, I've received many positive comments about her.

MLC was made from a bait Lemondrop, given a full body repaint.  I chose the bait because it is the "collector pose" and she is a collecting pony.  Her symbol (done in acrylic and india ink) is a collector pose pony inside a rainbow double heart.  The heart is meant to represent the four generations of MLP logos (rainbows in G1 and 2, the double heart in G3 and 4.)  She also has a rainbow in her mane.  And because she's a collecting pony, naturally she comes with a Fair exclusive (...who actually looks more like the SDCC exclusive...I'll have to correct this box and get to work on another Fair exclusive for her to collect.)  The exclusive pony is made of apoxie clay, fully painted.  The box is made of cardboard and plastic and also fully painted.


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