Sunday, 17 July 2011

MLP Fair 2011

Well it's a week now since I'm back from the Fair, and after a few more computer problems I'm actually able to post about the trip.

Roomy and I left two days before the Fair for the 8ish hour drive.  Naturally, as soon as we'd crossed the border we realized that we'd forgotten the map.  Luckily we had the GPS to get us to the highway, and other than nearly getting run over by a transport truck at a toll booth it was smooth sailing from there.

The day before the con we indulged in a H. P. Lovecraft walking tour.  It was great fun.  We got to see some beautiful architecture as well as reminiscing about some favourite Lovecraft stories.

Lovecraft's commemmoration
The Shunned House

The Shunned House's street door.  If you've read the story you should be terrified by now.
The Shunned House was for sale.
Hanging out in the graveyard

We were also able to meet some friends for dinner that night, the lovely and talented Roogna and hubby.  We ate at the Cheesecake Factory and a good time was had by all.  On the way back to the hotel room we ran into several other collectors in the lobby and I was able to hang out and chat ponies for a few hours.  I met some new friends including OneLeo1 and Clipper, and briefly saw an old friend, Drusilla.

Friday was the first day of the Con, and we started things off with a Collectors brunch at Panera Breads with several other collectors, many of whom were old friends.  Then it was off to Hasbro for the tour and not even a sudden downpour could quench our spirits!  Unfortunately, Hasbro (understandably) didn't allow us to take pictures, but we did get to chat with a few of the designers, the creative team who work on the commercials, and see some of the toy creation process.  I was lucky enough to be in one of the earlier tours, so we had lots of time to set up the booth afterward (and boy, did we need it!)  Friday night ended up with a screening of MustBeJewel's Pony documentary My Little Obsession.  The film was excellent with entertaining collector interviews and some great "in-joke" moments.

Saturday we got down to the serious business of the Con.  There were more attendees than every in a smaller space than every before, but the overall atmosphere of the day was positive and fun.  There were games including Pony Bingo and Pony Price Is Right, raffles, sales and trades, and the various custom, artwork, handicraft, booth, and costume contests.  There was also a one hour Design Seminar that 50 lucky collectors were able to attend.  An excellent write up of the seminar can be found on the Arena, thanks to Eskara1862.  Roomy and I were lucky enough to take second place in both the judged and the people's choice awards for the booth decoration contest.  I also took second place in the Pony Price Is Right, where I went up against my good friend Brightglow in the Showcase Showdown.  And we ended the day with an ice cream social back at the hotel.

MLP Fair 2011
My Booth
Close up of the Carousel that Roomy built
Costume Contest Participants

Hasbro's table
A view of the room from the doors
One of the original MLP sculpts displayed on the Hasbro table
The Hasbro-Inspired custom contest
To see more pictures from the Fair, please visit my Photobucket.  (Psst, there are albums from the other MLP Fairs too, going back to 2006.)  It was a great Fair, I can't wait for next year!


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