Sunday, 17 April 2011

Buster Bear

This past week I said goodbye to a best friend of 13 years.

It was quick and unexpected and for that I am glad because he didn't suffer any pain.

Buster joined our family at 4 weeks of age, when he was found alone on the side of the road.  Unable to find where he belonged, we adopted him.  He weighed less than a pound.

Buster at 6 weeks
He was one of the friendliest cats I've ever met.  He loved everyone, even my two year old nephew whom the other cats regarded with caution or outright unfounded terror.  He wasn't overly fond of some of the other cats he lived with over the years, but he was known to cuddle up with his adopted older brother, Cosmo.

When I went to grad school Cos and Buster moved in with me and stayed with me ever since, from the studio apartment to the three bedroom I shared with Roomy and her two cats to the townhouse with Roomy, her senior cat, and the two kittens.
He was my buddy.  He will be missed.

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