Friday, 17 November 2017

Curating - am I doing it wrong? - part 2

I have always been the collector who, when faced with a choice between two versions of a character, chose one to keep and that was that.

Then I became an army collector, basically because I couldn't decide on a single version of Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Now I find myself having a difficult time deciding on which version of a pony I want to keep.
If you were to look at my want list, you would clearly see that green-haired Napper was on it.  However, I found purple-haired Napper second hand a few months ago and figured I would keep her as a placeholder.  Well, that worked well until I had both in hand and decided that I actually liked them both.

This is something I've noticed about my pony collecting. Often I'll change my mind about a pony when I see her in person.  I attribute this to the small differences on individual ponies - the way the hair sits, the slight differences in paint application, the way they've worn over the years.  It gives them a personality.

And now I have two Nappers in my collection.  I suppose they're twins.


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