Friday, 20 October 2017

That's not a Pony

Not a pony?
Well, yeah.

Last year I began collecting Strawberry Shortcake dolls.  This began somewhat by accident when several dolls, both vintage and anniversary reproductions showed up at the local thrift store. Since they were complete, I picked them up with the intention of reselling them.  Before I did manage to sell them, however, a few more ended up in my possession as part of a lot of Ponies that I bought at a local geek sale.  As I spent more and more time researching these, I eventually came to remember how much I'd enjoyed playing with them as a child.
Crepe Suzette (with her crepe hat!) and Eclair Poodle
I'd been considering collecting just the pets for some time beforehand, as an addition to my MLP collection.  They would have fit in well with the G1s' other pets.  But now I've made the jump fully into SSC collector instead.
Hasbro's Plum Pudding
Luckily, the SSC vintage line is not huge, and I have little interest in the myriad of later generations that followed (only in the Hasbro dolls, and there are only 7 characters there) so this won't take up a lot of space (that SSC house though...).
Vintage North American SSC dolls with their not-so-vintage Brazilian counterparts
However, much like in MLP Brazil had it's own line of vintage and not-so-vintage SSC dolls that I've fallen in love with.  The attention to detail in design and manufacture of these dolls is such that I could see myself becoming a completist in regard to the Brazil dolls, at least.  It's still a much more limited number of figures than MLP, at least.
Bonus points to you if you can spot the Brazilian MLP with the Brazilian SSC
Is there always something else to collect?


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