Friday, 21 October 2016

It's a Collector's Prerogative... change her mind.

I've changed mine numerous times over the almost twenty (!) years that I've been collecting as an adult.  The first was probably relatively early on when I decided that, if I was going to end up with a couple of hundred ponies, I should decide on a focus.  The focus that I chose was to decide to collect ponies rather than ponies and LPS and Pound Puppies and action figures and etc, etc.

(couple of hundred ponies...teehee)
See-through ponies were not on my original list...
A few years later, as I was updating my want list, I realized that I was coming close to having all the G1s on my list.  I'm not going to lie, I panicked a little bit.  As much as I live the belief that a collector should be able to find enjoyment in their collection without having to constantly add to it, I do enjoy adding to it, as well.  This moment of mild panic caused me to re-evaluate my want list in a way I hadn't previously.  This was the moment when I moved past my original collecting goals (that I wasn't even fully aware of) and consider ponies that I hadn't considered before.
...Neither were molded symbol ponies...
...Or Sea Ponies.
There were still ponies that didn't make the cut, however.  For years I hated the look of the Shady pose, to the point that I wouldn't have any pony in that pose in my collection.  The broad forehead, square stance, and thick legs did nothing for me.  It was only years later, when I had bought a couple of ponies in that pose for a swap partner, that I re-evaluated.  By which I mean, I suddenly realized that I didn't hate that pose.  I'm not sure if it was living with those ponies for several months that did it, but it opened up another avenue of collecting for me (complete with several moments when I chastised myself for not adding some of these lovely ponies to my collection earlier).
Can-Can line of Shady pose ponies
I've gone on record numerous times saying that I disliked certain types of ponies (3-D symbols, sea ponies, princesses, and others).  Several of these have since joined my herd.  I think of this progression as a natural part of a collector's life.  You learn, you grow, you re-evaluate, you enjoy.  Collecting, like all things in life, should be a journey, not a destination.

Just remember: Geek Cave =/= TARDIS.  ;)


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