Friday, 11 December 2015

Happy Hearth's Warming Eve

The four princesses of Equestria are hosting a Hearth's Warming Eve party in Canterlot tonight!

All the ponies of Equestria are invited, and they're beginning to arrive at the castle. The princesses have been busy preparing everything, and of course the friends of the Princess of Friendship have been lending a hoof.
"Oooooh, cookies!  Cakes!  PIE!" Pinkie Pie might be a bit excited about tonight's party.  "Uh, Pinkie, try not to eat everything before the party gets started."
"Howdy, Muffins.  Thanks for helping out.  Now, uh, just don't touch anything else, ok?"
Princess Twilight Sparkle is currently entertaining the fillies who've already arrived, reading them the story of Hearth's Warming Eve while they wait for the party to officially get under way.
Spike is helping out by directing all the newcomers up the stairs into the main hall.  That's where all the gifts that everypony has brought are being displayed.  Later on, they will all open a gift that was brought by one of their friends.
Up in the main hall Princess Cadence and Shining Armour are greeting all the ponies arriving at the party.
Down in the courtyard, Lyra is tuning up the piano and getting ready to lead the carol signing.  She's already got a few eager listeners.
Fluttershy has had only one job all day: keep Discord out of trouble.  Looks like she's succeeded, although Discord has an interesting take on dressing up for the holidays.
"I believe that now we are ready to receive, all the Little Ponies for Hearth's Warming Eve!"
It seems like Princess Celestia and Princess Luna agree with Zecora.  They're just about ready to officially open the festivities.
Happy Hearth's Warming Eve, everypony!

So this year's display ended up being a G4 celebration.  I was originally intending to focus on the G2s this year, since I finally got the G2 castle this summer, but Yule came early and how could I resist playing with my new, giant Canterlot castle?  (Also, it's about an inch too tall for the space I had planned for it, so it looks like it will be living on the display table for awhile).
I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season full of family, friends, and ponies.  I will be back in the new year with new custom ponies to show off.


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