Friday, 24 April 2015

Fantasy Swap: Lauriel the Elf

This is Lauriel, the custom I made for the Arena Fantasy Swap (2015).
Lauriel is a Tolkien-style Elf.  She divides her time mainly between Lorien and Mirkwood, as she has relatives in both places.  But she is also a Ranger, and makes frequent trips to visit Elrond Half-Elven in Rivendell.  She is frequently traveling among the mountains and valleys of Middle Earth, battling the forces of the Dark Lord with her bow and quiver.
Her clothes, bow, and the points on her ears have been sculpted from Apoxie, and she's been fully repainted and sealed.  Her hair is a blend of Buttercreme, Golden Goddess, and Golden Sun.  Naturally, when I discovered my partner in the swap was a big Tolkien fan, I had to make her an elf-pony.  It's not for nothing that I chose the username that I did.

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