Saturday, 7 March 2015

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Geek Cave!

The Geek Cave turned two this week.  Only two years ago, it was an empty bedroom in our new house, now it's the room with the most stuff crammed into it.  And we wouldn't have it any other way.
Empty Geek Cave has no idea what's in store for it
Elf and Stormy, with the MLP stuff taking up the whole dining room
This is my third Pony Room, and the one I'm most pleased with.  Although it's not the largest Pony Room I've ever had, it's the best organized.  By sharing the room, it's forced both Roomy and I to stay on top of our collections, not letting things sit around forever instead of getting them up on display.  We've outfitted it with furniture bought specifically for the purpose of displaying the collection, which also gives the room a more complete look than any of my previous ones.
First Pony Room, in the old house
Second Pony Room, also in the old house
Of course, it's not perfect. The Cave will always be a work in progress, as Roomy's MOTU/POP and my MLP collections continue to expand.  I've got piles and boxes of accessories that are waiting to be organized.  Roomy has additional wall shelves to put up.  We both have things to unbox, and plans to improve the display.  But it's a joy to be in the Cave dealing with all of this, rather than a chore.  And that's the point of collecting, isn't it?  To enjoy yourself.
I asked Roomy if she'd like to weigh in on the Cave in light of this anniversary.  Her only comment was to tell me not to take over her space with the ponies, while giving me a suspicious look.

And now, the Cave at 2 years of age:

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  1. Wow, Elf! Looking really great! I love how nicely organized you have everything. And sooooo many cute Ponies!