Friday, 12 July 2013

MLP Fair Review

I'm still a bit sad that the Fair is over for another year.  As usual, I had a wonderful time, got to see some friends I only see once a year, and got to do some shopping - most of my vintage Pony shopping for the year.

The Fair started with a new event on Friday night this year: the Hall of Fame Dinner.  The first human to be inducted was Bonnie Zacherle, the creator of MLP.  I can't think of a more fitting initial inductee, since we all owe Bonnie a great vote of thanks for the beginnings of our fandom.  Two Ponies (Firefly and G4 Pinkie Pie) were inducted into the Hall of Fame as well.  I really hope this will become an annual part of the Fair, we all had such a good time.
Hall of Fame presentation
Saturday morning we were up early to set up the booth and prep for the main event.  My booth was right in front of the doors into the vendor room, so we were well set up to see a lot of the action.  The theme I chose this year was a birthday party theme, since it was both the 30th anniversary of MLP and the 10th anniversary of the Fair itself.
My booth, with Stormrave and Roomy in attendance
There were lots of panels this year, including a Petites panel and a Nirvana Venezuela panel, both by Roogna, an Enterplay panel, and a talk by Bonnie Zacharele.  There were also lots of games and activities, all of which were kid friendly, but that many of us older collectors also took part in.
Roogna's Vennie Panel - soo many rare Ponies!
Trivia Finals
The contest entries were also especially good this year.  Our fandom is so creative, it's always fun and inspiring to see what everyone comes up with for the contests.  It was hard to chose who to vote for in each category.

Naturally, I also did a fair bit of shopping while I was there.  I'm quite happy with the Ponies I got.  I was also lucky enough to be gifted with an Elfpony plush by Roogna, and to have had a chance to commission another one from Dizziness.  I was also able to have my Collection Photo autographed by Bonnie, which was a real treat.  It's going to have a special place in the Geek Cave.

Many thanks are due to the Fair staff and volunteers, who put so much effort into making this event bigger, better, and special every year!  We are so lucky to have people who are passionate about this event and give their all on the Fair weekend and throughout the year.

All of my pictures can be found in my Pony Fair 2013 Photobucket.  I'm already looking forward to next year!


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